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Every woman loves looking all sexy no matter their size or the occasion… I believe there is nothing wrong with the plus size woman also completing her look on a rainy day with a pair of plus size rain boots wide calf for women…

Wouldn’t that look appealing to you?

This being the case, you definitely need plus size rain boots that are very essential. They will not only make your errands much easier to handle but also add class to your wardrobe

Well, there being a whole lot of rain boots wide calf, it is upon you to choose what makes you happy. I believe all you want to do is keep dry in style so below I have compiled some of the best wide calf rain boots for women.

Hopefully this will guide you to owning what you desire.

7 Best Extra Wide Calf Rain Boots For Women.

1. Sloggers Women’s Rain and Garden Boot.

Get busy all weekend with Sloggers Women’s Rain and Garden Boot. Its’ soles which are made from a durable material offer sure traction whether you are walking in water or treading through a muddy path. After all they are completely waterproof.

This wide calf rain boot has 7 mm thick insoles that enhance comfort. This is unlike most boots which have cheap insoles that are next to useless. Sloggers have a lower and wider opening as compared to other boots which allows more room for calf and pants.


  • They are made of a material that allows air circulation.
  • The design is amazing.


  • The traction is a bit low.

2. Jileon Wide Calf All Weather Durable Rubber Rain Boots For Women.

Some of us have been looking for rain boots for wide calves for quite a while. I came across Jileon Wide Calf All Weather Durable Rubber Rain Boots and who thought I would look that gorgeous with them?

These rain boots for large calves are made of high quality durable rubber so you can be sure they will last long. They can withstand the harshest weather conditions so don’t freak out when you jump into a puddle.


  • They are made of durable rubber.
  • They are perfect in water protection.


  • They are heavier than most rain boots for wide calves.

3. Jileon Extra Wide Calf Rubber Rain Boots for Women.

Jileon Extra Wide Calf Rubber Rain Boots for Women is one of the widest rain boots for women with large calves. If your calf is 21 inches, you are taken care of by Jileon so go and look great in these boots.

They have a buckle closure and an exceptional double gusset that is expandable.

These wide calf rain boots for women are all you need to keep warm and dry on a rainy day. They are made of high quality durable rubber so they can last as long as you wish them to.

Make your outdoor activities more exciting with these extra wide calf rain boots for women.


  • They have a buckle closure for proper fitting.
  • The extra wide calf ensures that they fit big women.


  • The heel may be uncomfortable for some people.

4. Fuyang Women’s Rain Boots Mid Calf.

The Fuyang Women’s Rain Boots Mid Calf are waterproof womens wide calf rain boots with an insulator to keep you warm on a cold day and also cool on a hot day.

This is totally amazing and owning a pair or two will definitely up your style.

Fuyang has rubber treaded outsoles that are anti-slide therefore there are minimal chances of sliding whether you are walking in mud or even on snow.

The innersoles create a comfortable environment and your day’s activities will be accomplished in style. Why not purchase a pair and taste the feeling?


  • They are highly water-resistant.
  • Warmth is assured all day.


  • The boot feels a little bit heavy.

5. Capelli New York Ladies Shiny With Dots Tall Rubber Rain Boot.

Most people assume a bad day when the rains welcome their morning. Capelli New York rain boots for large calves will change your attitude. With their beautiful prints, you will obviously walk out of the house in unbeatable style.

They include a buckle and gusset that has a back pull loop for optimum comfort. What more would you ask for? With their wide calf, tall sporty body and the medium width foot, you can be sure of a fabulous day.


  • They are very comfortable.
  • The prints are exclusively appealing.


  • The traction would have been better.

6. SPYLOVEBUY MEGAN Women’s Wide Calf Knee High Flat Welly Rain Boots.

So you wake up to some annoying drizzles outside and you had planned to till your garden for a good harvest this season. What now? Just grab your SPYLOVEBUY MEGAN Women’s Wide Calf Knee High Flat Welly Rain Boots for an epic day out there.

This rain boots for big calves are made of rubber for durability in all weather conditions and the soles are synthetic for traction. The foot bed is cushioned for all day comfort. Blisters are history with this new wellies in town. Don’t let the rains ruin your plans.


  • Their design is one of a kind.
  • They offer sure comfort all day.


  • They are more expensive as compared to other rain boots for large calves.

What To Consider When Buying The Plus Size Rain Boots Wide Calf For Women.

The rainy season is here and you have some outdoor errands you have to run. plus size rain boots wide calf are therefore an accessory you can’t afford to miss in your closet.

There are things you should consider before buying a pair plus size rain boots wide calf as stated below


  • A good wide calf rain boot should be made of high quality material that protects you from rain, snow and mud.


  • What is the need of purchasing a wide calf rain boot that is doesn’t offer comfort? Make this your priority.


  • You want to make your day better. I believe this will not happen with a pair of heavy rain boots for plus size calves. You are already heavy yourself.


  • There is nothing as had as a big woman trying to stand up after sliding in mud. I have been there and trust me I didn’t like it. Choose the plus size rain boots with high traction.


  • A warm day is a smiling day. This is what you need.


  • Go for extra wide rain boots that enhance good fit.

Ease of use:

  • Ensure that the boots you choose do not give you a hard time wearing and using.


  • Look for a pair that will offer maximum support to avoid sliding.


Having the best plus size rain boots wide calf is necessary though it depends on where you stay.

They will protect your feet from the rains as well as complement your wardrobe. Pick your favorite and enjoy a day out in the rain.

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